Influenza vaccine

Can be given to any infant > 6 months.

Only funded in Victorian schedule for children at higher risk who are recommended annual influenza vaccine.

Children < 10 years require 2 doses in the first year they receive the vaccine.


6 months - <3 years: 0.25ml

3 years and over: .0.5ml

FluvaxTM vaccine [CSL] was associated with an increased rate of febrile convulsions and is not licensed for children < 5 years and not recommended if < 10 years

If >6-months of age and < 6-years of age recommend separating seasonal influenza vaccine and pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) by minimum of 3-days. This is because of small increased risk of febrile seizures if vaccines administered on the same day

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2013 Government seasonal influenza vaccine information

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It is too late to start the Oral Rotavirus vaccine after 12.9 weeks of age.
The last dose should be given by 32.9 weeks of age.

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Hep B booster Prem option

Premature infants < 32 weeks and/or <2000g require an additional Hep B booster dose of vaccine at 12 months

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Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine

HPV vaccine is funded for boys and girls in Year 7 from 2013.

For a two year period, HPV vaccine program for Year 9 secondary school boys will be offered at the same time as the Year 7 boys program.

Following the 1st dose, the 2nd dose is given 2 months after 1st dose; 3rd dose is given 4 months after 2nd dose.

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Hepatitis B catch-up program Adolescents

2013 is the final year of the Hepatitis B catch-up program for Adolescents aged 11-15 years who have not previously had hepatitis B vaccine. The vaccine will not be administered in the secondary school setting, but can be given from a doctor or local council immunisation service.

Give 2 doses 4 - 6 months apart (using adult formulation).

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Meningococcal C vaccine

Meningococcal C vaccine can be given < 1 yr but is not currently funded

2 - 6 months 3 doses

6-12 months 2 doses

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Victorian info sheet

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MMR-V vaccine

Do Not use Priorix-Tetra at 12 months of age or as the first dose of MMR vaccine because there is a small increased risk of febrile convulsion with the combined vaccine compared to administration separately.

MMR vaccine should only be used at 12 months or as the first dose of an MMR vaccine if a child under four years of age is on a catch up schedule.

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